Josephine Pryde  Vicinage

07/03/1997 – 19/04/1997

Press Release

In the 90s, Josephine Pryde was one of a group of artists from London, such as Merlin Carpenter, Kiron Khosla, Nils Norman, Sara Staton and others, who repeatedly worked mainly in Cologne and later in Berlin. In contrast to the Young British Artists, who wanted to decorate their working class attitude, the Cologne example developed a complex post-avant-garde art. Josephine Pryde, who always works with photographs first, welcomed the visitors to her exhibition with four medium-sized landscape photographs. She held the camera in a pond and took pictures of the landscape and the sky above from under water. Probably the most unusual object in the show was a real electric fence, which was energized, so that visitors who wanted to look at texts and photos attached to it had to watch out to not get an electric shock. It was the beginning of the Internet and the pictures that hung on the fence showed an Internet conference between places in Great Britain and Australia. The new ‚online' was symbolized on the electric fence. In Christian Nagel’s office there was a larger photographic image composed of several parts, which showed the art college in Bewerick (Pryde's first art school) and its natural surroundings. This illustration and the fence found a collector in Berlin.