Clegg & Guttmann  The Sick Soul II

08/11/1996 – 30/11/1996

Press Release

The Sick Soul II was shown once in a large shop at Brusselser Str. 85 in Cologne and previously at American Fine Arts with Colin Deland in 40 Wooster Street in New York. After an exhibition by Clegg & Guttmann at the Grazer Kunstverein consisted only of archive cabinets with theoretical sheets of sociological behavioral patterns, which were also published in the Austrian cultural magazine 'Durch', the exhibition Sick Soul mainly used playful approaches. All performances were developed in Mexico City, where Clegg and Guttmann worked with a young group of students. The line between performance, experiment and evening activities was blurred. The challenges for the participants too. Was it necessary to purify the 'sick soul' based on the performance in a kind of catharsis or did the 'sick soul' continue to determine the system?
The exhibition consisted of four MDF shelf boxes similar to Donald Judd's. Each element contained four photographs, each on a topic. The Mexican students were shown performing an experimental set-up:
'Play a note as long and loud as possible', 'Only walk on white tiles', 'Candid camera‘, 'Studies on routine requirements for everyday activities'
as well as in a Super 8 film 'Hold your hand over the flame of a candle as long as possible'. One photo per cabinet was hung on the wall in a frame.
The artists as Magister Ludi, taking apart the contexts of a social unity!