Diego Fernandez  SET UP

08/08/2003 – 20/09/2003

Press Release

The show was very allegorical, I wanted the room to look like a war room.
The show had three different kinds of works:


The collages were made with newspaper and were basically a collection of imagery reflecting the state of American media after 2001. The cutting of the paper is, at its best, a study of shape versus meaning, where the outline of a figure, its contrast against the background and its relation to other figures in the field try to be all equivalent in the eye, aiming to produce a wandering of the eye over the surface. This is especially visible on BOOM MAGIK, due to the absence of writing on this piece. ABOULHAOUL has a lot of writing, so the image and the meaning of the text next to it, is sometimes related and sometimes diverging. I chose to do these collages as tables, so the reader could be on top of the work instead of being in front of it, proposing a more comfortable angle to face the work, rather like looking at a map.


The paintings were produced as a contrast against the tables. To be their opposite in colour, texture, imagery. There is a painting of a face and two of bodies, one as a monument and one as a crucifix or ghost. These pieces were quiet and iconic, and still presented the same kind of figure policies as in the collages.

The drawings were made as a third instance, and in between point, a nightmarish cartoon vision with a central figure and a crew of onlookers.
These pieces were thought to represent the diversity of the social scene, and its unconscious under layers.

– Diego Fernandez