Matthias Schaufler , Katharina Wulff  sans fin

25/04/1998 – 30/05/1998

Freitag, 24. April, 18 - 22 Uhr
Samstag, 25. April, 11 - 16 Uhr
Sonntag, 26. April, 11 - 14 Uhr

Hohenzollernring 22 - 24, 50672 Köln
UFA - Palast, 3. Stock

Press Release

During the premiere days in 1998 we rented a second gallery space at Ufa Palast in order to be able to show two exhibitions at the same time. We chose two strong positions of younger painting. Painting in the following years won influence again in art and was just about to take the helm in the marketplace again. Matthias Schaufler had considerably expanded the potential of his work in recent years and showed seven larger paintings. The works captivated with great visual power, and were formally strong, working mainly with gesture. There were references and analogies that make one think of modified water lily pictures by Monet or variations by de Kooning. Although in painting almost everything seemed to have been said already, Schaufler titled his exhibition "sans fin" and went flat out with his new paintings.

Katharina Wulff's exhibition also showed painting at its best. She often chooses classic subjects such as portraits, landscapes or genre scenes, and many of her paintings are characterized by anachronisms or stylistic contrasts. Some figures, due to their hairstyle and clothing, seem to have fallen out of time and sprung from 18th century painting or from the world of the theatre, while others are dressed in very deliberately chosen, often unusually combined fashions of the 20th and 21th century. Wulff paintings show some elements very clearly, while others are only hints to the subject.