Till Krause  Elemente für eine künstlerische Natur (Der Mygindische Garten)

14/03/1998 – 18/04/1998

Press Release

From the very beginning Till Krause was interested in the representation of nature in art and the subjects associated with it. Be it hiking and touring, e.g. by bicycle from Hamburg to South Africa and back, which implied a lot of pseudo-scientific research, or the examination of entire sections of landscape such as the Elbe Sand near Hamburg. At the same time, the artist has always operated alternative exhibition spaces such as the Galerie für Landschaftskunst or the 'Museum ferner Gegenden'. In 1989, Cosima von Bonin had her first solo exhibition there in cooperation with Josef Strau, who had already exhibited frequently. Besides Till has persued his own artistic activities. His first exhibition with us was a much-noticed event that many had been waiting for. Kraus filled the entire gallery space, walls and tables, with black and white photographs of artificial stones carved in plaster: a simulacrum of a paleontological museum. The stones resemble the skin of a fruit or to a seed capsule. But their notch seems too fine and unregulated for organically grown nature. The view of the photographs is documentarily neutral. 128 views on a single stone installed on the tables and 19 photographs hanging on the wall. The exhibition focused on the enigmatic reference, which in turn corresponds with parallels from Conceptual Art and Land Art.