Heimo Zobernig  Ein Fernsehstudio für UTV

08/06/1997 – 26/07/1997

Press Release

In the mid-1990s Heimo Zobernig discovered an appearance of the UTV ensemble at a small media faircalled ‚online' in Ghent: A television station produced by Stephan Dillemuth, Joseph Zehrer and Hans Christian Dany. The three artists had the idea of ​​producing a self-organized private television station and launching it on the market. Starting from small-ads, UTV sold time slots in newspaper format on television, things of everyday life were up for debate: looking for a flat to advertisements for used cars, objects and things of any color to finding a job. For little money, airtime was available for all sorts of issues. Heimo Zobernig was so taken by the peculiar approach that he wanted to get involved. His exhibition in the gallery was therefore designed as a television studio for UTV. 
Zobernig was already invited to Catherine David 's documenta and would have liked to show UTV studio in Kassel. Unfortunately, those responsible were not interested. A large 'color theory' painting 200 x 266 and a bluebox color cardboard formed the background. Styrofoam cubes were assigned to the colors of the large painting, and a large black and white poster explained the system-dependent components of the new television station. People were invited during the exhibition to produce their own trailers. There is an amusing video about this.