Jörg Schlick  Das Ende des Zeichens

13/09/1997 – 04/10/1997

Press Release

Four artists Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen, Jörg Schlick and the author of 'Magic Afternoon' Wolfgang Bauer sat in a Styrian restaurant in Graz in the mid-1980s. The next morning at 8:00 a.m., an appointment was made in a print shop to order a new logo for the Lord Jim Loge (Lord Jim masons). The name came from the book of the same name by Joseph Conrad. Now late at night it was time to design the new logo together. One drew a circle, the next the sun rays, a hammer broke the picture and Wolfi Bauer added the breasts. Underneath, they put the motto „Keiner Hilft Keinem“ (Nobody helps anyone). To strengthen this session, people drank well and not too little. Schlick took the sketch and left the restaurant at a late hour. The next morning in the print shop the design was not found. The new logo seemed lost and Jörg Schlick was horrified, a long search began and finally the original appeared from a hidden jacket pocket. Martin Kippenberger often used the logo in his paintings or as a sculpture. Jörg Schlick used 'Sonne Busen Hammer' excessively and almost none of his newly created works of art were not signed with the logo. After more than ten years it was time to end the episode 'Sun Breast Hammer'. The end of the sign was proclaimed in our exhibition, Schlick was looking for all the old invitation cards that prominently bore the Lord Jim logo and made larger light boxes out of them. Motifs from Moscow, Prague, Zurich, Stuttgart, Graz, Cologne and Nice wherever Jörg Schlick exhibited ended the period of the logo. Today all the light boxes are together in one of the largest Jörg Schlick collections in Graz.