Keren Cytter



geboren / born 1977 in Tel Aviv, Israel
lebt und arbeitet / lives and works in New York


de Ateliers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Avni Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel


Fellowship of John Guggenheim Memorial Foundation 2021

PURE A.I.R Permanent Resident, Magazine, NL/US (ongoing)
Fogo Island Arts’ International Residency, Fogo Island, NL, Canada

The Curfew Tower Residency, In You We Trust, Cushendall, Ireland

Absolut Art Award, Stokholm
Shortlisted for Preis der Nationalgalerie für Neue Kunst, Berlin

Ars viva, Preis für Bildende Kunst des Kulturkreises der deutschen Wirtschaft, berlin

Sommerakademie, Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
Balôise Art Prize, Art Basel, Basel


since winter 2022
Kunstakademie Münster, Münster

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf


"Hot Lava Night", Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Bielefeld - DE
"Killing Time Machine", KöX, Düsseldorf - DE
"Leftovers", Noga gallery, Tel Aviv – IL
"Lls" Paleis, Antwerpen – BE
"Baars Projects" (with Morgan Betz), Amsterdam – NL

"Metamorphosis", Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne – DE
"Bad Words", Jenny’s, NY – US
"Bad Words", Ludwig Forum for international Art, Aachen – DE

"Leftovers", Nagel Draxler Kabinett, Berlin – DE

"Fashions", Nagel Draxler, Cologne – DE
Winterthur Kunstmuseum, Winterthur – CH
Vienna Foundation

"Sex is not an option", Beverly’s, New York – US
"Size Matters" (by Keren Cytter) & "Detour" (by Cytter/Roebas), Hamlet, Zurich – CH
Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv – IL
"Mature content", Museion Bolzano, Bolzano – IT

Keren Cytter: Killing Time Machine, Pilar Corrias, London – UK
Solo Exhibition, Galerija Vartai, Vilnius - LT

The Mirror of Simple Souls, SCHLOSS, Oslo – NO

"Panoramas", Mathew Gallery, New York – US
"Ocean", Pilar Corrias Gallery, London – UK
"Siren", Deweer Gallery, Gent – BE
"Selection", Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien, Graz – AT

"Keren Cytter", Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago – US
"Keren Cytter/Jon Rafman", Zach Feuer Gallery, New York – US
"Here and There", Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv – IL
"A Reminder", NICC, Brussels BE
"Keren Cytter", A|B|Contemporary, Zurich – CH
"Quality Duration", Studio for propositional cinema, Düsseldorf – DE
"Game", CCA KITAKYUSHU Project Gallery, Kitakyushu, Japan – JP

"Keren Cytter", Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milan – IT
"Keren Cytter", Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen – DK
"Video Art Manual", State of Concept, Athens – GR
"Siren", Galerie Nagel Draxler, Cologne – DE
"Keren Cytter: HOME", Zach Feuer, New York – US

"Keren Cytter: MOP VENGEANCE", Pilar Corrias, London – UK
"Tutorial", Deweer Gallery, Otegem – BE

"Keren Cytter: Video Art Manual", Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv – IL
"Keren Cytter: Video Art Manual", DiverseWorks Art Space, Houston – US
Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta – CA
"Tina is gone", Image Festival, Toronto – CA
Show Real Drama, Ke Cetner Theater, Shanghai; Penghao Ren Theater, Beijing; Bo:m Festival, Seoul; The Kitchen, New York; Tate Modern Oil Tanks, London – UK
"Don't trust Americans", SCHAU ORT, Zürich – DE
"Based on a True Story", Oakville Galleries, Oakville – CA

"Avalanche", Galleria Raffaela Cortese, Mailand – IT
"Video Art Manual", Zach Feuer Gallery, New York – US
"Avalanche", Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam – NL
"Keren Cytter", Ausstellungsraum Volker Bradtke, Düsseldorf – DE
"Keren Cytter: Fear, Fun and Fire", Deutsche Bank Towers, Frankfurt am Main – DE
"The hottest day of the year", k.m Kunstverein München, München – DE
"Avalanche", The David Roberts Art Foundation, London – UK
"Avalanche", Pilar Corrias, London– UK

"Konstruktion", Galerie Christian Nagel, Berlin – DE
"The Hottest Day of the Year", CCA Kitakyushu Project Gallery, Kitakyushu – JP
"Keren Cytter", Moderna Museet, Stockholm – SE
"Repulsion", Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz/Basel – CH
"Morality", SCHAU ORT, Elisabeth Kaufmann + Christiane Büntgen, Zürich – CH
"Keren Cytter", Hammer Museum Project Series, Los Angeles – US
"History in the Making. If I can‘t dance I don‘t want to be part of your revolution
(D.I.E Now)", Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhofen — NL

"Cross.Flowers.Rolex", Schau Ort, Zürich – CH
"Keren Cytter", Le Plateau, Paris – FR
Artspeak, Vancouver  – CN
"Les Ruissellements du Diable", Thierry Goldberg Projects, New York – US
"Domestics", Pilar Corrias, London – UK
"Keren Cytter", CCA Center for Contemporary Art, Kitakyushu – JP
Galeria Estrany de la Mota, Barcelona – ES
Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv – IL
"Keren Cytter", Le plateau / Frac Ile de France, Paris – FR
"History in the Making", Tate Modern Turbine Hall, London – UK
"History in the Making", The Kitchen, New York – US
"The Mysterious Series", X Initiative, New York – US
"ScalaMata Gallery", Four Seasons, Venice – IT

"Keren Cytter", Witte de With, Rotterdam – NL
"Keren Cytter", Centro Huarte De Arte Contemporaneo, Huarte – ES
"Les Ruissellements Du Diable", Luettgenmeijer, Berlin – DE; CCA Kitakyushu – JP
"Keren Cytter", Kunstverein St. Pauli, Hamburg – DE
"Drawings", Kunstforum Baloise, Basel – CH

"Keren Cytter, STUK, Leuven – BE
"Something Happened", CUBITT, London – UK
"The Victim", MUMOK, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna – AT
"Something Happened, Elisabeth Kaufmann, Zürich – CH
"Keren Cytter", Collective Gallery, Edinburgh – UK
"Dreamtalk", Thierry Goldberg Projects, New York – US

"Repulsion", Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv – IL
"Atmosphere", GAMeC - Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bergamo – IT
"Contemporary Neuromythological Stories", Ellen de Bruijne Project, Amsterdam – NL
"I was the good and he was the bad and the ugly", KW Institute for Cont Art, Berlin – DE
"The Victim", ART 37 Basel, statement with Elisabeth Kaufmann, Zürich – CH
"Eldorado": Keren Cytter - Atmosphere, GAMeC - Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di – IL
"Continuity", Elisabeth Kaufmann, Zürich – CH
"I can never get people to understand that poetry is the expression of excited passion, and that
there is no such thing as a life of passion any more than a continuous earthquake, or an eternal
fever. Besides, who would ever shave themselves in such a state?" Lord Byron, Artis, Den Bosch – NL

Kunsthalle Zürich, Zürich – CH (Kat)
Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt am Main – DE (Kat)

"The friends series, Dolores"; Ellen de Bruijne Projects (with Mark Kent), Amsterdam – NL
"My brain is in the wall", Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam – NL

"Videos", Rozenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv – IL

"Drawings", Rozenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv – IL


"asking for a friend", Kunstverein Nürnberg – Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft, Nürnberg

"Don't You Fear the Void - (Embracing) Progress", Studio for Artistic Research, Düsseldorf – DE
"Oxide", Winterthur – CH
“Veni, Vidi, Video”, Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, New York

"Keep on Movin" Fondazione Morra Greco, Rome – IT
"Sans titre (Dark Sky #4) Sors de ta réserve #2" Les Réserves Romain ville – FR
"Janelas" Musée d'art moderne et contemporain de Saint-Étienne (MAMC) Saint-Etienne – FR

"Apartment", Vienna - AU (Opening Oct 19, 2021)
"Time Without End", Fluentum, Berlin – DE (Opening Sept 14, 2021)
"Transformation und Wiederkehr. Radikale Nationalismen im Spiegel Zeitgenössisher Kunst.", Lentos Museum, Linz – DE (24.3.-6.6.2021)

"Spirits and Objects ...and How Non-Productive Love Is Sometimes Contained in Them...", Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf – DE
"The Drawing Lesson", 
Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades, Barcelona – SP
"Bait ball (With sunroom)", Palazzo San Giuseppe, Polignano a Mare – IT
"Neighborhood watch", Downs & Ross, New York – US

"Tell me about yesterday tomorrow", NS-Dokumentationszentrum, München – DE
"Killing Time Machine" (Together with Jaakko Pallasvuo and Tamara van San) Loods12, Wetteren – BE
"Amnesia", High Tide, Philadelphia – US
"Masculinity", Dusseldorf Kunstverein, Düsseldorf – DE
"Every Loft Needs a Sink", Vleeshal, Middelburg – NL
"Edition June", Edition VFO, Zurich – CH
"Detour: Cytter / Robeas, Hamlet", Zurich – CH
"Exercises in Style", A plus A Gallery, Venice – IT
"Softpop, Cytter / Robeas", Malroux’s place, New York, US
"Looking Back – Thinking Ahead", Box Freiraum, Berlin – DE
"Tell me about yesterday tomorrow", NS-Dokumentationszentrum, Munich – DE
"The Scorpion’s Sting", Helga de Alvear Gallery, Madrid – ES
"Reality … is more absurd than any film", Marta Herford, Herford – DE
"January", dépendance, Brussels – BE
"A Subject Self Denied", BAK - basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht – NL
"Love in the time of Facebook", Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich – CH
"MOMENTUM 10", Momentum Biennial, Moss – NO

Performance, Parcours Art Basel, Basel – CH
Screening / Video & Sound Program, Independent, New York – US
"EXO EXO @ NEW GALERIE", New Gallery, Paris – FR
"SCHMALTZ", Guimaraes, Vienna – AU
"Porcupine", Van Eyck, Maastricht – NL
"Film Series II", Alpine Contemporary Art Space, Salzburg – AT
"#1: Soul is a four-letter word", Museum Gallery (curated by Cody Goebel), New York – US
"The World on Paper", Collection Deutsche Bank, Museum Palais Populaire, Berlin – DE
"Israel Lund/Keren Cytter", Regards Gallery, Chicago – US
"Music for the Eyes", Santa Maria della Scala, Siena – IT
"Pissing in a River. Again!", Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin – DE
"Frame Structures", Magenta Plains, New York City – US
"Blackout", 3+1 Gallery, Lisbon – PT
"SUPERSTITIOUS MINDS", Marres House of Contemporary Culture, Maastricht – NL
"Editions", Centre d'édition contemporaine, Genève - CH
"Biotropics", Rosa Santos, Valencia – SP
"Digital Bodies", Michigan State University (organized by the Eli and Edy the Broad Art Museum), Michigan – US

"Selected Works from the Lemaitre Collection", SEMA Museum, Seoul – SK
"Bad Intentions", Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin – DE
"VideoInsight Collection", il Polo Museale regionale d’Arte Moderna e Contempornea, Palermo – IT
"Fear", Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent – BE
"In Relation to a Spectator", Kestner Gessellschaft, Hanover – DE
"Dream States: Video and the Political Imaginary", Grossman Gallery: School of the Museum of
"Fine Arts at Tufts University", Boston – US
"State (in) Concepts", KADIST, Paris – FR
"Continental Break", Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milan – IT
"Hôtel du Pavot 2", FRAC île-de-france, le chãteau, Bussey-Saint – FR
"Planet 9", Kunsthalle Darmstadt – DE
"(X) A Fantasy", David Roberts Art Foundation, London – UK
"Limited Engagement", Devin Borden Gallery – US
"Place Relations: Identity in Contemporary Israeli and Arab Avant-Garde Art", CEPA Gallery, New York – US
"Instructions for Happiness", 21er Haus, – AT
"SUR/FACE: Mirrors, Museum Angewandtekunst", Frankfurt – DE
"The Coverly Set", Sargent’s Daughter, New York – US
"Nothing But Longing", Void Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland – UK

"House of Commons", Portikus, Frankfurt – DE
"Europa", Shanaynay, Paris – FR
"Busan Biennial", Busan – KR
"Exhibition by 31 Women", Philipp Pflug Contemporary, Frankfurt am Main – DE

"Political Populism", Kunsthalle Wien – AT
"Affects", Cultuurcentrum, Mechelen – BE
"The Future of Memory", Frankfurt – DE
"TURN ON", Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv – IL
"Creating realities", Pinakothek der Moderne, München – DE
"Die kalte Libidio", Haus der Kunst, Berlin – DE
"Keren Cytter/Jon Rafman", Zach Feuer Gallery, New York – US
"RE(A)D", curated by Ryan Steadman, Nathalie Karg Gallery, New York – US
"Turn On: Time-Based Art from the Julia Stoschek Collection", Tel Aviv Museum of Art – IL
"Creating Realities – Encounters Between Art and Cinema", Pinakothek der Moderne and Museum Brandhorst, Munich – DE
"Keren Cytter Presents – The Last Summer Fest", MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38, New York – US

"Affects", Kunstpalais, Erlangen; Gemeentemuseum, Helmond – NL
"Der Stachel des Skorpions (The Sting of the Scorpion)", Museum Villa Stuck, München; Institute Mathildenhoehe, Darmstadt –DE
"High Performance. The JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION as guest at the ZKM. Time-based Media Art since 1996, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie", Karlsruhe – DE
"Where are we Now?", 5th Marrakech Biennale, Marrakesch – MA
"Annals of the Twenty-Ninth Century", Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge – UK
"Skeptical Thoughts on Love", Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Stuttgart – DE
"Perfect Lovers. Art in the Time of Aids", Fundacion Sunol, Barcelona – ES

"Taming the Narrative", Basis, Frankfurt am Main – DE
"Günther Förg, Keren Cytter, and Collector’s Room #1", Deweer Gallery, Otegem – BE
"Ei Arakawa, Tomer Aluf, Keren Cytter, Henrik Olesen, Jose Rojas, Ulla Rossek, Nora Schultz, Josef Strau, Stefan Tcherepnin, Antek Walczak", Soloway, Brooklyn – US
"Liberi Tutti", Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Teatro Arsenale, Milan – IT
"Leisure, Discipline and Punishment", 6th Biennial of Moving Image, Mechelen – BE
"Celluloid Brushes: An Anthology of the Filmic Perception of the Artist from 1942 till today", MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38, New York – US
"Last Year at Marienbad", Redux, EFA Project Space, New York – US
"Unattained Landscape", Palazzetto Tito of Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice – IT
"Jew York", Zach Feuer Gallery, New York – US
"Celluloid Brushes: An Anthology of the Filmic Perception of the Artist from 1942 till today, High Performance. The JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION as guest at the ZKM. Time-based Media Art since 1996", Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe – DE

"Where’s the Romance", curated by Sara Brill and Adrienne Drake, Open Video Projects, Berlin in collaboration with Beton Galerie, Hamburg – De
"On Apology", CCA Wattis Institute, San Francisco – US
"Re-opening", Deweer Gallery, Otegem – BE
"Children’s Films", (curated by Gareth Moore) Whitstable Biennale; International Project Space, Birmingham; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver – CA
"Fremde Überall – Foreigners Everywhere: Selected works from the Pomeranz Collection", curated by Ami Barak, Jewish Museum, Vienna – AT
"Made in Germany Zwei: International Art In Germany", Sprengel Museum Hannover, kestnergesellschaft, Kunstverein Hannover, Hannover – DE
"FAX", Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City – UT

"Gareth Moore. CHILDREN´S FILMS", Kunstverein Bielefeld, Bielefeld – DE
"No Sense of Place", Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen – DE
The Israeli Center for Digital Art/Mobile Archive, Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz – CH
"NUMBER FIVE: Cities of Gold and Mirrors", JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION, Düsseldorf – DE
"Spectrums of Light", Temporary Gallery Cologne, Köln – DE
"Parallel Worlds", Arsenal, Berlin – DE
"Based in Berlin", Berlin – DE
"Videonale 13", Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn – DE
"Expended Cinema", Moscow museum of modern art – MMOMA, Moscow – RU
"East Ex East, Brand New Gallery, Mailand – IT
"Small Fires", Sint-Lukasgalerie, Brüssel – BE
"The plot", Power plant, Toronto – CA
3rd Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki – GR
'Cinema for Exhibitions', at Fundacion CIAC AC Mexico – MX

"Scenväxlingar / Scene Shifts", Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm – SE
"Edition Masquerade III: If I Can´t Dance, I Don´t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution", van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven – NL
"Future Generation Art Prize: 20 Shortlisted Artists", PinchukArtCentre Kiev – UA
"8th Gwangju Biennale (Curated by Massimiliano Gioni)", Gwangju – KP
"Tramway", Glasgow International Festival – UK
"Paradise Lost Holidays in Hell", CCA Andratx – ES
"Face your Demons", Milliken Gallery, Stockholm – SE
"Not Necessarily In That Order", Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver – CA
"Epilogue (1)", Maisterra Valbuena Gallery, Madrid – ES
"Scenväxlingar / Scene Shifts", Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm – SE
"Revolution, van Abbe Museum", Eindhoven – NL
"Overview: Israeli Video 2000-2010", Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa – IL
"VideoZone V: The 5th International Video Art Biennale in Tel Aviv", Israel, Tel Aviv – IL
"PORTRAITS DE COLLECTIONNEURS", Jocelyne et Fabrice Petignat, MURO, Geneva – CH
"Morality", Witte de With, Rotterdam – NL
"Michael Beutler & Friends", Galerie Christian Nagel, Antwerp – BE
"In Full Bloom", Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milan – IT
"Tell-Tale Heart", James Cohan Gallery, New York – US
"Make the Most of Now", Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna – AT
"Witty, Lo-Fi Works With Knotty Thoughts", Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam – NL
"Une Exposition (du) Sensible", Centre d’Art Contemporaine La Synagogue De Delme, Delme – FR
"Face your Demons", Milliken Gallery, Stockholm – SE

"AS IF WORDS MEANT NOTHING", kunstbuero Temporary Gallery Vienna, Wien – AT
"Inszenierung / mise en scène, ars viva"; Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach DE (Kat); Museum im Kulturspeicher,Würzburg – DE (Kat)
"If I can´t dance... ", Project Arts Centre, Dublin –IR
"Return to Baroque", Museo Madre, Naples – IT
"Fare Mondi 53rd International Art Exhibition", La Biennale di Venezia, Venice – IT
"National Galerie Prize for Young Art", Berlin Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin – DE
"The Generational: Younger Than Jesus", New Museum, New York – US
"ars viva 08/09" – Inszenierung/ Mise en scene, Museum Abteiberg, Monchengladbach – DE"
"Augarten Contemporary", Vienna – AT
"Golden Agers – Silver Surfers", Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz – CH
"KunstFilmBiennale Köln", Cologne – DE
"If I can’t dance I don‘t want to be part of your revolution", Art Center, Dublin – IE
"Rotterdam Film Festival", Rotterdam – NL
"Highlights from KunstFilmBiennale Köln", KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin – DE; Centre Pompidou, Paris – FR
"Shifting Identities", CAC, Vilnius – LT
"Time Out of Joint: Recall and Evocation in Recent Art", Whitney Museum, New York – US

"Keren Cytter / Knut Klassen", Galerie Olaf Sprüt, Berlin– DE
"-between the lines- (Les Ruissellements du diable) ", Elisabeth Kaufmann, Zürich– CH
"Manifesto 7", Trento – IT
"Yokohama Trienale", Yokohama –  JP
"Television Delivers People", The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York– USA
"The Leisure Suite", The LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Collumbia University, New York – USA
"Work from the Video & Film Collection from Jean-Conrad and Isabelle Lemaitre", Kunsthalle zu Kiel der Christian-Albrecht-Universität, Kiel– DE
"Berlin International Film Festival", Expended Forum, Filmhuis, Berlin– DE
"Konzepte der Liebe", Koelnischer Kunstverein, Cologne– DE
Pilar Corrias, London – UK
"50 Moons of Saturn", Triennale Torino – IT
"Bolzano Short Film Festival", Bolzano – IT
"Notorious", Frac Ile-de-France - Le Plateau, Paris – FR
"If I can´t dance... ", Sala Rekalde, Bilbao ES; De Appel Amsterdam – NL
"Shifting Identies", Kunsthaus Zürich, Zürich– CH
"Italia Italie Italien Italy“, Museo Arcos, Benevento – IT
"2MOVE/MIGRATOrY ASTEtICS", Stenersenmuseet, Oslo – NO
"Bangkok world Film festival", Bangkok – TH
"ARTLV", Tel Aviv Biennial", Tel Aviv – IL
"ARTFOCUS", Jerusalem – IL
"VideoZone", Video Biennial, Tel Aviv – IL

"Television Delivers People", Whitney Museum of American Art, New York – USA (Dreamtalk)
"Cut", Thierry Goldberg Projects, New York, USA (Repulsion) – USA
"boundLES", Celebrating contemporary Art at the Lower East Side, New York, USA (Something Happened) – USA
"If water crystal, crystal water...", Ingalls, Miami – USA (Something Happened)
Aqua Wynwood, Miami – USA
"Herzliya Biennale", Tel Aviv – IL
“Biennale de Lyon", Lyon – FR
"Birds in a Park", Daniel Buchholz Gallery, Köln – DE
2nd Moscow Biennial", (The Dates Series) – RUS
"CCA/MAP Magazine/Glasgow film festival"; UK, (Atmosphere) – UK
"Fake Movemen", Bologna – IT
"I could be you", Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (Dreamtalk) – DE

"The Floating Feather", Chantal Crousel Gallery, Curated by Willem de Rooij, Paris –  FR
"All Hawaii Entrees/Lunar Reggea", IMMA, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (Kat.) – IR
"City Lab", Artforum, Berlin – DE
"Open Space", Art Cologne, Cologne – DE
"The world state", Erik Steen Gallery, Oslo – NO
"Experiments in Pop", Bern, Switzerland; Sommer Akademie, Paul Klee Zentrum, Bern – CH

"Pek Festival", Retrospectice, Den Haag – NL
"Pilot:2", London; dash, 291 Gallery – UK
"Short circuit", Motive Gallery, Amsterdam – NL
"Futurism", Milkweg, Amsterdam – NL
"Dutch open", De Balie – NL
"Filmblik program", Film huis, Den Haag – NL
"Fabrikaat-avond", Artis, Den Bosch – NL
"Disclosed", de Ateliers, Amsterdam – NL
"16th republic", Eastarea Gallery, Amsterdam – NL

"Videozone", Video Biennale, Tel Aviv – IL
"F&N Tel Aviv", Tel Aviv City Hall – IL
"Interior painting after Richard Hamilton", Kav 16, Tel Aviv – IL
"A4 - 5 Overtoom 301“, Amsterdam – NL

"Eeehh...Overtoom 301", Amsterdam – NL
Horse Hospital, London – UK
"Good Question", Studiokatendrechtstraat 66 Rotterdam – NL
"Wonderyears", Veranstaltungsort-Kino Arsenal. Berlin – DE
Rshvusvaheline Parnu Filmi, Estonia – EE

"videozone", video biennale, Tel-Aviv – IL
wall painting, Yanko Dada Museum, Ein Hod – IL

"Shoes", Left side, Tel Aviv – IL

"Nice plant", Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv – IL


Screenings on Inclusion, Cercle Cité – LUX
Videocittà, Venice – IL
Maximal Surreal, Filmmuseum Potsdam – DE

"UNFOLD: Audience/Performer/Mirror", Lima Foundation, Amsterdam – NL
Epos International art film festival, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv – IL

"Screening / A.P.E Benefit", Bar Laika by E-Flux, Brooklyn – NY
"There’s No Us in Masterpiece", Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf – DE
"Object", Fridericianum, Kassel – DE
"When art moves", Villae film festival, Villa d’Este, Tivoli – IT

"Short Film Day", Galeri CC, Malmo - SE
"The First Morning Fest of Unreasonable Acts", Palazzo Bentivoglio, Bologna - IT
"Three films by Keren Cytter", Testing Ground, Melbourne – AU
"Middle of Beyond", Yale Union, Portland – US
"European Media Arts Festival", Osnabruk – DE
"There's No us In Masterpiece", Parcours Night, Art Basel, Basel – CH
"New Sound and Video Programme (curated by David Gryn, Daata Editions)", Independent and Spring
"Place", New York – US
"Middle of Beyond", E-Flux, New York – US
"Videoart", Midnight Festival, Berlin – DE
"A.P.E. Festival", Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme, Paris – FR
"Morning!", Cinema REX, initiated by The Berner Kunstraum Milieu, Bern – CH
"Blood, Love, Without Chewing-Gum, Le Grand Action (curated by Gabrielle Reiner and Olivier Cooper Hadijan)", Paris – FR


"Kunst Film Fest Part II: Supercut", Centrum, Berlin - DE

"Europa", Shanaynay, Paris.
"Open House in Dreams and Nightmares", Whitney Museum of American Art, New York - US
"There Is No Us in Masterpiece", Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam - NL
"Rocky - Art/theatre/dance/music performances", Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam - NL
"A Retrospective", Bergamo Film Festival, Bergamo – IT
"The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation", Réunion (formerly Elisabeth Kaufmann Gallery), Zurich – CH
"The Last Summer Fest of the European Union", LISTE, Basel – CH
"There's no us in masterpiece"  , Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam – NL

"Keren Cytter: Show Real Drama, Mumok, Vienna – AT Keren Cytter: Show Real Drama", MCA, Chicago – US
GSS, Glasgow – UK
The Institute of Contemporary Art, London – UK
LICA, Lancaster – UK
Outpost, Norwich – UK
MuMOK, Vienna – AT
MCA Chicago, Chicago  – US

"Keren Cytter`s Show Real Drama", Performance im Kölnischen Kunstverein, Cologne – DE
"Leisure, Discipline and Punishment with Sonia Boyce", Petra Bauer, Agnieszka Polska and Marinella Senatore, screening of Corrections, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool – UK
"Soft City", screening of a new work and Vengeance, Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo – NO
"Video Art Manual", Deltaworkers, Indywood, New Orleans – US
"Artist’s Film Club: Keren Cytter", ICA, London – UK

"Vociferous: Keren Cytter with David Aird", Keira Fox and Charlie Feinstein, ICA, London – UK
"Artists’ Film Club: Keren Cytter + Q&A" , ICA, London – UK
"Vociferous: Keren Cytter with David Aird", Keira Fox and Charlie Feinstein, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge – UK
"Keren Cytter – Show Real Drama", HAU Hebbel am Ufer , Berlin – DE
"GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS" , Vanity Projects , New York – US
"A Theatre Cycle", NOMAS Foundation at Teatro Valle Occupato, Rome – IT

"Keren Cytter: Show Real Drama, DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas" – US; Tank 2, Tate Modern, London, UK
"Drama", NeuMarkt Theater, Zurich – CH

"Dance International Europe Now (D.I.E. NOW)", The True Story of John Webber and his Endless Struggle with the Table of Content, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin – DE
"If I Can't Dance... Edition III: Episode 1 - Masquerade", De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam – NL; Episode 2 – Masquerade, Sala Rekalde, Bilbao – ES; Episode 3 – Masquerade, Project Arts Centre, Dublin – IE; Episode 4 – From Dusk Till Dawn, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven – NL
"Dance International Europe Now (D.I.E. NOW)", "A man is a Museum", Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf – DE

"History in The Making - Performer/Audience/Mirror", Performance in Sale Rikalde, Bilbao.
"History in The Making - The True Story of John Webber and his Endless Struggle with the Table of Content", Theatre Play in Tate modern London/Hebbel Theatre Berlin.

"History in The Making - Epilog", Performance in De Appel, Amsterdam.
"History in the making - John Webber meets Linda Schultz", Performance in Overtoom Café, Amsterdam.

"Brush", 60min, digital video, B/W/sound.
"The Friends Series", 40´.
Tal and Naamah - 10min, digital video, color/sound.
"Natalie and Raz",10´, digital video, Color/sound.
"Hillel", 10´, Digital Video, b/w sound.
"Keren and Ruthi", 10´, digital video, color.
"Shoes - Animation", 13´, digital video, color.

"Documenta Y", 50´ (Documentary), digital video, color/sound.
War and Peace", 16´, digital video, b/w, sound.
"The Postman", 15´, digital video, color/sound.
"Experimental Film", 7´, digital video, b/w, sound.
"Family", 6´, digital video, b/w, sound.
"Videodance", 13´, digital video, color/sound.
"French film", 12min, digital video, color/sound
German Film", 16´, digital video, color/sound.

Nothing - 18min, digital video/8mm-b/w, sound

"Continuity", 4´50´´ (16MM), color/sound.
The Dates Series: 44´
21/4/04 - 6´, digital video, b/w, sound.
21/5/04 - 5´, digital video, b/w, sound.
2/6/04 - 6´, digital video, b/w, sound.
1/7/04 - 7´, digital video, b/w, sound.
21/7/04 - 6´, digital video, b/w, sound.
17/8/04 - 7´, digital video, b/w, sound.
17/10/04 - 7´, digital video, b/w, sound.

"Atmosphere", 10´, digital video, color/sound.
"Time", 10´, digital video, color/sound.
"Dreamtalk", 10´, digital video, color/sound.

"The Victim". 5min, digital, video, color/sound.
"Repulsion - 5´", 3 DVDs synchronised, digital video,color/sound.
"New Age", 16mm Film, CA 73´, color/sound.

"Mysterious Series, 2000/2007", digital video, 38´42´´, color/sound.
"Something Happened, 7´", digital video, color/sound.
"Nightmare, 6´", digital video, b/w, sound.
"Der Spiegel, 4´30´´", digital video, color/sound.

"Les Ruissellements du Diable, 10´", HD Cam, color/sound.
"Alla Ricerca dei Fratelli (In Search for Brothers) / Una Forza che viene dal passato (A Force from the past), 7´ / 8´", digital video, color sound.

"Peacocks, 8´", digital video, color/sound.
"Four Seasons, 8´", digital video, color/sound.



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