Galerie Nagel Draxler


How to add a new exhibition

First add a new artist

  • Choose “Add New” under the “Artists” navigation from your left
  • Type the artist whole name in the “Title Field”, then the first name to the “Vorname” field, and last to the “Nachname” field
  • Paste in the the artist bibliography to the “Bibliographie” field. Add bold and other text formatting by using the editor buttons on the top. Note: if you paste text from a website and you want to keep the formatting, paste it in when the “Visual” tab is activated, you’ll see the “Visual” and “HTML” tabs on the top right corner of the editor.
  • Paste in the artist biographie to the “Main Content” field (same rules apply as to the “Bibliographie” field)
  • Upload photos from the “Add Media” button. Just choose the photos from your hard drive and that’s it
  • Click the blue “Publish” button

Now that the artist is added, go ahead and add the actual exhibition

  • Click the “Exhibitions” on your left and choose “Add New”
  • Put the exhibition name to the “Title field”
  • Paste in the artist first name and last name to the text fields named accordingly
  • Go to the artist page you have just created, copy the address of that page and paste in into the “Künstler Page” field. Now the exhibition and the artist page are linked
  • Click the “Von” and “Bis” fields to choose the start and the end date
  • If you have a presstext, paste it into the main content field
  • Add a city to the post, Berlin, Antwerpen or Köln, depending on which gallery the exhibition is happening
  • Click the blue “Publish” button

How to change opening times, map link, contact info and password

  • Navigato to your profile by clicking the “Profile” on the navigation to your left
  • Change the fields you want to change
  • Click the “Update User” button in the bottom of the page

How to add new “News” post

  • Go to the “Aktuells” and type in the “Title” and the “Content”
  • Click the blue “Publish” button

How to edit Info or Imprint

  • Click “Page” on the navigation
  • Choose Info or Imprint and edit the page